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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Probably every couple has those weird pet names they give each other. Well, nice to meet you, we are Porky and Caribou. We won’t go in details here how we ended up being these two creatures, but need to mention that we both are from different universes. It’s sort of metaphorical in a way — maybe it’s wrong for Caribous to fall in love with Porkies, but… that’s what they do sometimes!

We would love to share our love story with you, as a little example that love knows no borders. It is the immense space between the particles of an atom, and it is what unites us all.

It all started at a meditation retreat. We went in hopes of enlightenment, and ended up finding it in the twinkle of each other’s eyes…

It took us only two dates and about 12 scoops of gelato to realize that everything is better when shared with each other :)

Very soon after, we took off on our journey — to explore the world, learn about each other, and ourselves.

On our very first travel, we happened to stay overnight in the middle of nowhere, with no shelter, and in the freezing cold. To survive ’til morning, we tucked the two of us into one sleeping bag, which barely kept us warm, and only saturated our suffering. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse — really, we felt we might freeze to death -, we looked up into the sky and there right above us, it seemed that the whole universe was unfolding in its beauty, illuminating the night sky with billions of the brightest stars. It took our breath away, leaving us speechless and bringing us to tears… It was then when we truly fell in love. With each other and with travelling.

Soon enough, our love brought our two families to join in the worldly travels. As improbable as it was, there we were. Eight of us. From five different countries. Happy, and together.

Did you know that when a penguin falls in love, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect stone to present to his lady? And if his proposal is accepted, they will build their nest with that stone, and “marry” for a lifetime?

And so we returned to where it all started, and nestled into our first little home. A beautiful place with a lovely rooftop to enjoy sunny days together…

Here we started a little rooftop garden. Our seeds have just sprouted, and we quickly learned that they are very fragile. It requires certain patience and care to grow love, you know…

We couldn’t decide where we wanted to be officially soul-mated: tropical rainforests or untouched glaciers, underwater coral ridges or scorching deserts, secluded islands or our far-away homelands… In the end, we realized that it didn’t really matter, and so we just did it in the ‘here’, because that is always the best place :)

That said, this is not the end of the story! Starting a family doesn’t mean the end of adventures. In fact, it is the beginning of our new journey. Together.

And we do continue to travel.

But by now we realized that the most special place is always here, wherever we are together.

So we let ourselves go with the flow, and just enjoy the journey.

Wherever it takes us.

Love, Porkibou ~

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