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Babul - My Little Grandma

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

I wanted to share with the world how incredibly lovely and cool my Babool (“grandma” in sort of Russian) is. My Babool has got a big great heart and a beautiful soul. Her life hasn’t been easy — she was born on the shores of the Black Sea, but when she was just about 6 months old her parents were killed in the World War II and she was sent to an orphanage in Central Asia where she grew up with her older two sisters. She lived her life with much integrity and has kept her good heart. She is an incredibly cute little mushroom and I love her very very much.  If you are reading this, do me a little favor, please send a smile into the universe — my Babool will be very happy to receive at the other end of the world.

My Babool is a little super woman! On top of her iconic hairdo, there are many things that make her awesome. And here are just some of them!

My Babool is forever young and energetic! Just try to keep up with her workouts!

My Babool is definitely not a “classic” grandma — she’s got her own style, and designs and upcycles her own clothes ;)

Babool makes the best coffee! (and loves it very much)

Smell of coffee always reminds me of my Babool. Though, of course, this is not why I love her so much ~

I love her because she is my best friend, she is so so cool and I can tell her aaaaaaaanything!

Also, my Babool is simply a lot, looooot of fun, she cracks the best jokes, and I have my best ever laughs when I am around her :)

I love my Babool, cuz everyday is a weekend with her! And that’s why everyday spent together is my favorite day.

Our friendship started when my Babool (back then my kindergarten teacher and partner in crime) allowed me and my buddy explore the inhabitants of garden’s microcosmos during the aftrrnoon nap times (i haaaaated those!).

Later, my Babool brought me to school everyday. And everyone thought she is my mom. Well, she really almost is :)

Babool is the one with whom I practiced drawing in school — we drew millions of posters and all sort of decorations for my classroom and school, we used to be an award-winning team ;) All thanks to her creativity and … patience.

It’s been 30 fun years of our friendship, and it’s only getting better and better.

For all her awesomeness, Babool deserves the very best in this world, and so one day I brought a very special present for my Babool!

And now my Babool is not “my” Babool anymore! Which only means love, fun and care doubled :)

Sometimes I still can’t believe I am so lucky to have such an awesome best friend.  I love you Babool!

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