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Confessions of a Peter Pan Syndrome Sufferer

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

So many people around me are trying to awaken their “inner child”, while my problem is that my “inner adult” was never even born…

When I was little, I always thought that “30” is a magical age when one becomes a “grown up”. I have patiently waited through all the 365 days of my 30, but then I just turned 31, and … I haven’t grown up yet!

WITH FAMILY: They once had high expectations towards my glorious adulthood, but now are just trying to understand when did they forget to instill senses of reason and responsibility in me.

AT WORK: Almost every walk-in at our office thinks I am a student volunteer or at best an intern :-D (don’t those t-shirts and ripped jeans exude extreme authority and seriousness?!)

WITH FRIENDS: I think I have more fun socializing with their children than with them…

And here I was, just about to start worrying and think that I should really “do something” about it, when I was struck with the realization that my “problem” is just about to be solved naturally! In a few days, I will give birth to my own child, and now I will finally have a legitimate excuse to never, never, never , ever … need to grow up :)

Because now I will finally have a real friend on the same page, and it will be the two of us to see the world we want to see, to play the way we want to play, to dream and imagine any-things together, …

… to be the heroes and fight for justice and save the world, ….

… to take off on exciting expeditions, to explore the unknown, …

… and I finally get to build a tree house!!! :-P

And so today I officially mourn the adult in me that was never born. And with that, I am kicking off a life-long celebration of eternal childhood.

Because it is in a child’s world that life is just simple and beautiful, magical and extraordinary, and lived here and now.

… So one thing I will make sure to teach my child is to never grow up.


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